Turn the Page (friendships worth losing)

photo of gas masks
Photo by Александр Македонский on Pexels.com

I love. I love all people. And as far as friendship goes, I feel like I am always striving to be there for others. SO much so, that sometimes I miss the red flags where I am shown that these people will never give me the same in return. For so long you share memories with these people, you laugh, you cry, and you even grow. There are no limits to where a friendship can lead. However, there are limits to what you should have to endure in that friendship.

In a real friendship, love in the same form should be reciprocated. Promises should be kept. If you say you are going to do something…DO IT! It is really simple. If you feel as though you are not going to make it, tell the truth. DO NOT make up lies to justify the fact that you are not coming. If you screw up, for God’s sake just admit it and move on. If a “friend” makes a mistake, forgive them. However, don’t get that statement mixed up. If they make the same mistake over and over, that is called a pattern and a choice, and more than likely they are not going to change. TOxic is TOxic!

You can’t pour good into someone like water. If mistakes are repeated, they are not called mistakes, they are called purposeful actions. And most of the time, a person continues to do those things because you let them……until you don’t.

Please don’t have ‘friends’ in your life that don’t understand how life works. And I am speaking of friends who get really butthurt when you don’t call them every single day and check on them. People, life happens. It is busy, especially when you are married and have children.

Don’t live life thinking that you have to hold on to a person who has done nothing but cause you pain or made you feel like less of a person or friend. Yes, you have memories, but the pain that they have caused you to endure far outweighs the memories that you have together. Let Them Go. It is time to turn the page on your friendship and end that chapter. There are so many more chapters in your life to experience. And you can’t do that when someone is weighing you down and causing you to lose sight of your purpose. You must choose to live, and sometimes, unfortunately, that requires you do some cleaning up and walking away. It is hard. But nothing great was ever meant to be easy.