The Mist

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The spirals of mystery in the midst of a fog.

Makes goosebumps crawl down my skin like a soft-handed man.

Clawing his way through my obstacles until sweat and fog are the same.

Unravel me in this timeless moment,

before the mist leaves us wanting.

I’ll meet you at the swamp, and there, we will find our mud.

Wading through every foot of the slump, creatures brushing our legs,

but we care not. Because the other side brings a sweet release.

The fog is yearning. It wraps me up til every inch of my skin not covered in swamp is wet

with envy.

I can bare the harsh vapor of this world no longer.

Press your lips to mine and give me sweet air.

From your lungs to mine.

Let me take it from you and I shall one day, return it in good faith.

We will share it like the last fruitful words from the trees.

And trees I know, because they told me so.

They speak to me in all of the their brown glory, shaking their leaves all around me.

The fog, it comes for them too. So now, we share in their sorrow as we sink into this swampy


For the trees, rooted in their resting place, know that when this mist comes upon, their last

stand is literally just that.

But no matter.

You are here with me, and I with you, my soft-handed glory.

Sink into this love we are making and trust each stroke of my hair.

Roll around wet with your body pressed against mine, and when it is done,

this swamp will clear,

and we shall stand on top of clear waters…

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Sexual Healing (01-27-20) 

person holding skin
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Drag your fingers

down my back,

and back up around my neck.

Hold me tight

while I throw you down,

until your whole body is erect.

Tonight I’ll let

my imagination,

run free as

water in a stream.

Until I explode from the

inside out,

and push my body to the extreme,

Kiss my lips

and bite my neck,

as I make my way down

your hip,

and take your dick into my hand,

and lick around the tip.

Play with my breast,

then slide on down to

caress my thick hips.

Now take your hand

down to my pussy,

and feel my juices

with just the tip.

I wanna feel all of you

inside of me,

and for that I’ll wait no more.

So imagine, I will,

jumping on top of your dick,

and riding like a whore.

I won’t stop this ride,

until I hear us both scream together.

I’m almost there,

but even after that,

I could fuck you forever.

Now pull me close,

while I ride so rough and

we reach the end,

place your face inside my breasts,

and just focus there until you finish,

And let me do the rest.

My pussy is so wet

that when you release,

every drop belongs to me.

It swirls together,

fate’s beautiful seed,

like a solar system’s galaxy.

Now relax my love.

Imagining is over as we open

our eyes alone.

I will sit here and claw away at this world,

And count the minutes til

you are home.

Hear My Call (8-16-18)

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And oh if we could only ever walk in these shadows.
These flashes of symmetry.

Oh what I would I give to follow only the shadows of your feet on this soggy earth.

To lead a life of simplicity with so much chaos.
And those who would defy the knowledge of these distant flashes, would someday bow down to the knocking of their dreams. The toss and turn of an imminent nightmare in which I already dwell. Beauty it is to me, this darkness.
And you, in all of your light, have your own shade of shadow. Can but only add to the  madness of this benevolence.
Your hand touching the ruins of a marked soul, each stroke writing a new line on this archaeography…
An armistice, if you will, between the likes of Azazel and God the father who cast him down.
Show mercy always my wilted lover, to this melting heart, in this boiling melting pot.

For love only breeds grace for as long as we feed it life.
Bite the nap of my neck like a sweet sugarplum, and I shall hold back my poison for all enemies who strike us.
And for you, I shall save every inch and every globule of essence my spirit could ever produce.
Once you have endulged me, we are tied as one in this walk. And no matter where we drift or journey, our spirits will call to the other…..