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I love you..

How big is the picture when you say that to someone?

Is it enough?

Is it too much?

Does it travel distances?

Does it endure through time?

Does it withstand what a trial can do to it?

Does it climb through obstacles?

Do you think of it before you drift off to sleep?

Do you drink it up when you open your eyes from a slumber?

Do you carry it with you through out your ages?

Do you carry it with you as you withstand loss?

And can it carry through life’s changes?

And in the end, do you crossover with it intact?

My answers, so far, for these questions for you, my one and only true love, is yes.

And I look forward to answering the rest as life moves on.

Will you travel through these times with me?

Can I take care of you?

Will you take care of me?

Can I count on you to hold me close when I am falling?

Can you believe me when I say you’ll never fall for long?

If I told you I would stop breathing without you, would you give me the breath from your lungs?

And would you believe me if I said I hold a gasp of air reserved just to rescue you?

Would you spend your life with me if I surrounded you with comfort?

And in turn, would you provide me with your comfort as well?

I want to give you all these things, and in turn, you give them in return.

Hold my hand my love, let us live this life as one.

A Perspective of Love (Jan 31, 2020)

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( A story of our love from each perspective)

Her love for him

Our love is a night hawk,

wings piercing the

starlight sky.

Our love is a raging fire,

Twisting heat cyclones,

raging so high.

Our love is an

undiscoverable mystery,

people search lifetimes to find.

Our love can withstand

the greatest of pains,

distance, and time.

Our love is a great sadness,

you look forward to shedding.

Our love is the greatest nature hike,

you prepare thoroughly for before treading.

Our love is an obstacle,

of the greatest proportions,

Our love is full of adventures,

And many complications distortions.

Our love shows a triumph,

in the hardest of seasons.

Our love motivates us,

and gives our battle many reasons.

Our love is a forever,

worth fighting for every second, of every day.

Our love is still raging and lasting,

no matter the miles away.

His love for her

This love is a morning song bird’s call,

melodic notes carried on the winds.

This love is a cool breeze,

To lift perspiration from the heated flesh.

This love is a forgotten fable,

That has waited to be lived anew.

This love can endure

the loss, tribulations, and the yesterdays.

This love is the most anxious of waiting,

as we wait for the next embrace.

This love is the simplest of strolls,

as we walk hand in hand chatting.

This love is a stumbling block,

and an intervention to freedom.

This love is the adventure,

and an epic story of many volumes.

This love is a fresh planted garden awaiting,

The filling of the cornucopia.

This love keeps us strong,

and the scars we bare remind us.

This love is a life living to the fullest,

to leave a story worthy of the histories.

This love is compassionate and growing,

distances matter not.

This love, is our love.

Sexual Healing (01-27-20) 

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Drag your fingers

down my back,

and back up around my neck.

Hold me tight

while I throw you down,

until your whole body is erect.

Tonight I’ll let

my imagination,

run free as

water in a stream.

Until I explode from the

inside out,

and push my body to the extreme,

Kiss my lips

and bite my neck,

as I make my way down

your hip,

and take your dick into my hand,

and lick around the tip.

Play with my breast,

then slide on down to

caress my thick hips.

Now take your hand

down to my pussy,

and feel my juices

with just the tip.

I wanna feel all of you

inside of me,

and for that I’ll wait no more.

So imagine, I will,

jumping on top of your dick,

and riding like a whore.

I won’t stop this ride,

until I hear us both scream together.

I’m almost there,

but even after that,

I could fuck you forever.

Now pull me close,

while I ride so rough and

we reach the end,

place your face inside my breasts,

and just focus there until you finish,

And let me do the rest.

My pussy is so wet

that when you release,

every drop belongs to me.

It swirls together,

fate’s beautiful seed,

like a solar system’s galaxy.

Now relax my love.

Imagining is over as we open

our eyes alone.

I will sit here and claw away at this world,

And count the minutes til

you are home.