A Perspective of Love (Jan 31, 2020)

kissing man and woman statue
Photo by Alexandr Nikulin on Pexels.com

( A story of our love from each perspective)

Her love for him

Our love is a night hawk,

wings piercing the

starlight sky.

Our love is a raging fire,

Twisting heat cyclones,

raging so high.

Our love is an

undiscoverable mystery,

people search lifetimes to find.

Our love can withstand

the greatest of pains,

distance, and time.

Our love is a great sadness,

you look forward to shedding.

Our love is the greatest nature hike,

you prepare thoroughly for before treading.

Our love is an obstacle,

of the greatest proportions,

Our love is full of adventures,

And many complications distortions.

Our love shows a triumph,

in the hardest of seasons.

Our love motivates us,

and gives our battle many reasons.

Our love is a forever,

worth fighting for every second, of every day.

Our love is still raging and lasting,

no matter the miles away.

His love for her

This love is a morning song bird’s call,

melodic notes carried on the winds.

This love is a cool breeze,

To lift perspiration from the heated flesh.

This love is a forgotten fable,

That has waited to be lived anew.

This love can endure

the loss, tribulations, and the yesterdays.

This love is the most anxious of waiting,

as we wait for the next embrace.

This love is the simplest of strolls,

as we walk hand in hand chatting.

This love is a stumbling block,

and an intervention to freedom.

This love is the adventure,

and an epic story of many volumes.

This love is a fresh planted garden awaiting,

The filling of the cornucopia.

This love keeps us strong,

and the scars we bare remind us.

This love is a life living to the fullest,

to leave a story worthy of the histories.

This love is compassionate and growing,

distances matter not.

This love, is our love.

There Is A Girl (9-26-18)

journey overlookThere is a girl

Every daydream leads her to a forest.

A forest that she has never seen.

A forest that she has never stepped a single toe in.

This girl, but a fleeting breeze of wind in this forest.

She walks, her footsteps echoing through the trees. All the shimmers of light seemingly slowing down to a slow motion, as if stopping time, just for her.

This girl, doesn’t know where she is walking to, only that every time she is here, something pulls her.

One day, in this daydream, she finally walks enough to a place where she can see the most beautiful bluff ledge up ahead.

There are the most beautiful butterflies, birds, and creatures she does not recognize flying above it.

She begins to get the sudden urge to run towards it.

So, run she does.

While running, she is filled with thoughts of everything she has ever wanted to escape from and decides that when she gets to this ledge, she will not stop, but instead jump and finally be free from all that has chased her there.

Oh this girl, she has foreseen many ways that her time would come to pass, but never

one so beautiful as the final jump she would take.

As she runs, she feels a sort of spiritual weight begin to melt off of her. Almost faster than the sweat that now poured down her brow.

Tears begin to trickle down her face. She’s never been in so much pain, and yet, so much bliss at the same time.

Her end was nearing closer, and she couldn’t help but feel so at peace with it. It was a miraculous feeling to finally feel so free from the chains that had long rusted around her ankles, and shackles that had long caused the trimmers in her hands.

She began to feel this overwhelming anticipation that something magnificent was waiting for her in the unknown of her jump.

As if when she leapt, there would be no bottom to land.

Only a new beginning that she couldn’t explain, and an ending to everything she had known.
The ledge was within feet of her.

She said a final prayer, and a goodbye she’d hoped would find its way to those she’d cared for on the wings of these mysterious butterflies that had pulled her here.

This was it. It was time. She threw her arms open wide, a final tear streamed down her face, she exhaled one last time, and with a final smile, she leapt.

She leapt as high as the wind would carry her, soared, freedom was bliss, and…….
There is a girl.

Every daydream leads her to a forest.

A forest that she has never seen.

A forest that she has never stepped a single toe in.

This girl, but a fleeting breeze of wind in this forest.
She is sure, she will be back here tomorrow.
And the forest, it will be waiting…….