woman holding two kitchen knives
Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Pexels.com

And oh if we could only ever walk in these shadows.
These flashes of symmetry.

Oh what I would I give to follow only the shadows of your feet on this soggy earth.

To lead a life of simplicity with so much chaos.
And those who would defy the knowledge of these distant flashes, would someday bow down to the knocking of their dreams. The toss and turn of an imminent nightmare in which I already dwell. Beauty it is to me, this darkness.
And you, in all of your light, have your own shade of shadow. Can but only add to the  madness of this benevolence.
Your hand touching the ruins of a marked soul, each stroke writing a new line on this archaeography…
An armistice, if you will, between the likes of Azazel and God the father who cast him down.
Show mercy always my wilted lover, to this melting heart, in this boiling melting pot.

For love only breeds grace for as long as we feed it life.
Bite the nap of my neck like a sweet sugarplum, and I shall hold back my poison for all enemies who strike us.
And for you, I shall save every inch and every globule of essence my spirit could ever produce.
Once you have endulged me, we are tied as one in this walk. And no matter where we drift or journey, our spirits will call to the other…..

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