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I love you..

How big is the picture when you say that to someone?

Is it enough?

Is it too much?

Does it travel distances?

Does it endure through time?

Does it withstand what a trial can do to it?

Does it climb through obstacles?

Do you think of it before you drift off to sleep?

Do you drink it up when you open your eyes from a slumber?

Do you carry it with you through out your ages?

Do you carry it with you as you withstand loss?

And can it carry through life’s changes?

And in the end, do you crossover with it intact?

My answers, so far, for these questions for you, my one and only true love, is yes.

And I look forward to answering the rest as life moves on.

Will you travel through these times with me?

Can I take care of you?

Will you take care of me?

Can I count on you to hold me close when I am falling?

Can you believe me when I say you’ll never fall for long?

If I told you I would stop breathing without you, would you give me the breath from your lungs?

And would you believe me if I said I hold a gasp of air reserved just to rescue you?

Would you spend your life with me if I surrounded you with comfort?

And in turn, would you provide me with your comfort as well?

I want to give you all these things, and in turn, you give them in return.

Hold my hand my love, let us live this life as one.

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