i hate nothing about you with red heart light
Photo by Designecologist on Pexels.com

Each day she yearns for him,

And his perfect touch.

And each day she must be without him,

Becomes a little too much.

She can see their future,

Like it’s staring her right in the face.

She tries to connect the missing pieces,

and struggles to find her place.

He gives her hope that all the numbness

could get weaker,

And in return, he says he loves her, which

makes her fall deeper.

If anyone were to ask her,

what she sees when someone says love,

she’d quickly say his incredible name, and the father above.

She fights to get her freedom, and finally

remove all the tethers.

Because she won’t hesitate to say to the world,

that with him, she would spend forever.

My love, sit down and relax, and put up your feet.

Your day has been long, full of stress, and the mountains so steep.

Let me cook you a meal, and massage your back.

Always encourage you, and keep you on track.

Let me kiss you each day, and remind you

that love is here always.

And let me stand by you forever, for the

rest of both of our days.

Can you see it? I can. Each day lived out fully.

And each day, my love grows stronger,

As well as these forces that pull me.

Always look at me, exactly the way that you look

at me right now.

With those beautiful dark eyes.

Loving me in silence,

with an abounding vow.

I’ll never give up on you, and you do the same.

And this love will defeat darkness, doom and gloom,

Always and eternity,

For all our remaining days….

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