dark fog forest haze
Photo by Snapwire on Pexels.com

And I can feel his whisper on the side of my neck…

Moving up like a cold, dripping wet goosebump..

When it reaches my ear, it cries out, “take me”

In that moment, with his whispers, I am lit on fire, yet calm and for the first time in what

seems like centuries, free.

He touches me, and all I can think of is melting into him…

When he speaks, I want more of the knowledge he hides deep inside.

When he kisses me, I feel as though I don’t even want to breathe, unless it’s the breath

from his mouth, the air from his lungs.

This fervent attack on one another seems to be instantaneous, and nothing can stop it…

Like a beast in the shadows,

always waiting to connect two souls so rare,

that even the most wise wouldn’t have

thought existed…

But the beast, she is also cruel.

For she hid within the shadows much too long.

And in turn, these two souls have been separated by time, by circumstance, and now join

her in the shadows to connect.

The beast, I assume was miserable, and could bare her darkness no more, and chose to

then bring these souls together, in the dark..

But one day, I will feel this whisper on my neck in the light..

I will breathe the air from your lungs,

with early morning dew falling onto the tip

of my nose..

I will melt into you while the sunlight glimmers over our freedom skin.

And I will be whole..
And for the first time, I will not just tell you I love you.

I will show you out loud.

And this beast shall be cast back to her shadow to be doomed to a life of darkness..

But the two souls shall be forever interwoven and nothing will ever stop them or come between them again..

Not even the beast, who in her misery,selfishly kept true love at bay for her own devices.
After all, misery loves company..

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