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I love you..

How big is the picture when you say that to someone?

Is it enough?

Is it too much?

Does it travel distances?

Does it endure through time?

Does it withstand what a trial can do to it?

Does it climb through obstacles?

Do you think of it before you drift off to sleep?

Do you drink it up when you open your eyes from a slumber?

Do you carry it with you through out your ages?

Do you carry it with you as you withstand loss?

And can it carry through life’s changes?

And in the end, do you crossover with it intact?

My answers, so far, for these questions for you, my one and only true love, is yes.

And I look forward to answering the rest as life moves on.

Will you travel through these times with me?

Can I take care of you?

Will you take care of me?

Can I count on you to hold me close when I am falling?

Can you believe me when I say you’ll never fall for long?

If I told you I would stop breathing without you, would you give me the breath from your lungs?

And would you believe me if I said I hold a gasp of air reserved just to rescue you?

Would you spend your life with me if I surrounded you with comfort?

And in turn, would you provide me with your comfort as well?

I want to give you all these things, and in turn, you give them in return.

Hold my hand my love, let us live this life as one.

Misery Loves Company (9-27-17)

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And I can feel his whisper on the side of my neck…

Moving up like a cold, dripping wet goosebump..

When it reaches my ear, it cries out, “take me”

In that moment, with his whispers, I am lit on fire, yet calm and for the first time in what

seems like centuries, free.

He touches me, and all I can think of is melting into him…

When he speaks, I want more of the knowledge he hides deep inside.

When he kisses me, I feel as though I don’t even want to breathe, unless it’s the breath

from his mouth, the air from his lungs.

This fervent attack on one another seems to be instantaneous, and nothing can stop it…

Like a beast in the shadows,

always waiting to connect two souls so rare,

that even the most wise wouldn’t have

thought existed…

But the beast, she is also cruel.

For she hid within the shadows much too long.

And in turn, these two souls have been separated by time, by circumstance, and now join

her in the shadows to connect.

The beast, I assume was miserable, and could bare her darkness no more, and chose to

then bring these souls together, in the dark..

But one day, I will feel this whisper on my neck in the light..

I will breathe the air from your lungs,

with early morning dew falling onto the tip

of my nose..

I will melt into you while the sunlight glimmers over our freedom skin.

And I will be whole..
And for the first time, I will not just tell you I love you.

I will show you out loud.

And this beast shall be cast back to her shadow to be doomed to a life of darkness..

But the two souls shall be forever interwoven and nothing will ever stop them or come between them again..

Not even the beast, who in her misery,selfishly kept true love at bay for her own devices.
After all, misery loves company..

This Love is My Forever (6-25-18)

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Each day she yearns for him,

And his perfect touch.

And each day she must be without him,

Becomes a little too much.

She can see their future,

Like it’s staring her right in the face.

She tries to connect the missing pieces,

and struggles to find her place.

He gives her hope that all the numbness

could get weaker,

And in return, he says he loves her, which

makes her fall deeper.

If anyone were to ask her,

what she sees when someone says love,

she’d quickly say his incredible name, and the father above.

She fights to get her freedom, and finally

remove all the tethers.

Because she won’t hesitate to say to the world,

that with him, she would spend forever.

My love, sit down and relax, and put up your feet.

Your day has been long, full of stress, and the mountains so steep.

Let me cook you a meal, and massage your back.

Always encourage you, and keep you on track.

Let me kiss you each day, and remind you

that love is here always.

And let me stand by you forever, for the

rest of both of our days.

Can you see it? I can. Each day lived out fully.

And each day, my love grows stronger,

As well as these forces that pull me.

Always look at me, exactly the way that you look

at me right now.

With those beautiful dark eyes.

Loving me in silence,

with an abounding vow.

I’ll never give up on you, and you do the same.

And this love will defeat darkness, doom and gloom,

Always and eternity,

For all our remaining days….

Dress of Pain (5-17-18)

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Smile my dear, they say

As she peels her eyes open to another day.

Not girly, but her dress of pain,

flows around and around, and the anchors,

her train.

Bouncing around, arms in the air,

letting it all go,

rain falling on her face, going with the flow.

Waters full of chemicals, burning her skin, 

and people trying to reach and help her,

but she’s not letting them in.

Her body has turned against her,

sores and wounds lie open, and it bleeds

infected memories, filling her soul with

the blood of her past and until its emptied,

she’ll never truly be free.

Look at the crown of lovely, they place on her soft hair.

Try and cover the ugly.

Paint it up, brush it down, it just doesn’t seem fair.

Stop wishing she would come around, and

leave her where she lays.

She’ll either get up or die,

And it may not be today.

So, go on, move forward spinning,

she dances to that music too;

An anthem of the chaos,

that has always rang true.

Spinning round and round, in this dress of pain….


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Can you see the ending,

staring straight ahead?

People are still broke, poor and starving.

Most are already dead..

Waiting for the final countdown,

living moment to moment with no cure.

Most have gave up everything,

cause everything is just too much to endure.

Noone can see the big reliever.

Noone can see their heal in sight.

Our savior calls out for his people,

but they no longer see his light.

It’s coming for us slowly,

but not many will pass through.

They have all gave up on his love,

still, he has not gave up on you.

How could we live this day to day life,

not caring what we could have in him?

Instead we choose a life of heartache,

instead we choose a life of sin.

I want to feel the light around me,

I want to feel the heal that awaits.

So that when he calls me home there,

I can embrace the final gates.

I will choose the light around me,

instead of living in this hole.

With no ladder to climb out with,

with noone to save my soul.

I am scared now he is near me,

I fear the damage he will see.

But when he comes here, I stand in awe,

because he is the one who looks passed that,

and sees just me.

The time grows nearer.

he comes closer to make the final call.

He wants us to see him clearer,

he doesn’t just want some of us…he wants to

love us all.